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Taking great product pictures

Choose a good camera

Modern smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone have great built in cameras for taking product pictures. You want the ability to focus, change ISO, change exposure, and shutter speed.

Use proper lighting

If you can, take your product pictures outdoors, using natural light. If you can’t take your pictures outdoors, you can purchase a clip on light or small photo booth for as little as $20. Keep the light source on the same side as your camera, and avoid harsh shadows.

Use a tripod

Most digital cameras either come with a tripod, or have one available for purchase. You can even buy one for most smartphones. Keeping your camera still during product pictures means you get the best clarity and detail in your pictures.

Use a neutral background

Use a neutral and continuous background, like a solid white or gray craft paper which can be found at any office supply store. Pin or tape it to a vertical surface and let it curve and overhang on to the resting surface where you will place your product. Alternatively, purchase a photo studio backdrop which will provide better consistency among your photographs.

Clean up

Make sure the product you’re photographing is clean. You can purchase microfiber cloths at most office supply stores to wipe off dust or fingerprints.

Use your product pictures on your website

Once you’ve taken your product pictures, use them on your own custom website or online store.


Use a wide aperture

This lets more light into your camera and enhances detail. You won’t have this feature on a smartphone camera, only a real camera.

Use a long exposure time

This will allow the camera to pick up more light and color, increasing the level of detail and accuracy in the photo.

Use a low ISO

This will reduce graininess in your photos.